Mathi Gurusamy


Mathi Gurusamy brings a wealth of expertise with over 20 years of experience in the IoT sector and electronic device industry to Ikotek.
Prior to joining Ikotek, Mathi held CEO and COO positions at Mobilogix and Telit for the last 15 years. Most recently, Mathi served as Telit Cinterion’s president of its IoT solutions division after the company had acquired Mobilogix in June 2022.

Renowned for his adeptness in transforming start-ups into thriving enterprises, Mathi boasts a proven track record. His achievements include securing Fortune 500 companies as clients and cultivating strategic alliances with pivotal partners in the wireless industry.

At Ikotek, Mathi is responsible for overseeing the company's day-to-day operations, driving strategic initiatives, and contributing to Ikotek's continued growth and success.

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