About Ikotek

About Ikotek

Ikotek is The IoT ODM. With a wide variety IoT projects currently underway, our core focus is on the enterprise market as it looks to develop solutions to take full advantage of IoT. We cover technologies from cellular connectivity, including NB-IoT and 5G, to satellite connections and from well-established IT to relative newcomers such artificial intelligence IoT (AIoT).

Headquarters and Facilities

Headquartered in San Diego, USA we have labs located in North America, Europe and Asia which sets us apart from the rest of the ODM market and we are able to ensure customers benefit from our highly cost-effective offering with fully automated processes, low-cost manufacturing and high quality solutions.

Our Team

Ikotek has strength and depth across its management team with senior executives who have decades of sector-specific experience leading business functions, teams and manufacturing at locations across the world.

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Our History

Ikotek is the only US based global ODM with a pure IoT focus, with deep roots in the IoT industry.

Our ODM team was established in 2019 and our senior executives have on average more than 15 years of management experience in IoT organizations. Add to this our more than 400+ dedicated R&D employees and it’s clear to see that our experience and history is far richer and deeper than you would expect from the newest name in ODM.