PDAs and Handhelds

PDAs and handheld devices are offering richer functionality than ever before as tasks they contribute to become ever-more complex and include new technologies and functionalities. Ikotek has the heritage and innovative spirit to accelerate your PDA and handheld development to bring the latest features to market quickly and at high quality.

Point of Sale (POS)

We design and manufacture payment terminals, point of sale (POS) devices, payment capabilities within smart vending machines and address the entire range of payment-related devices the global market needs.

Smart Grid and Metering

Our expertise extends from basic connected meter design to manufacturing of systems that involve complex two-way metering so smart grids can be managed efficiently with generation and consumption optimized.

Smart Home

We have in-depth knowledge of designing devices for the increasingly connected smart home market ranging from HVAC controls to home hubs, elderly care systems, systems that manage white goods, smart utility terminals and all the devices that make up the truly smart home. Our Android expertise is useful here to accelerate design of devices that use the operating system.

Fixed Wireless Access

5G is bringing massive speeds and feeds to unwired users but it’s a complex technology with many specific considerations to address. Ikotek has been designing FWA devices for several years, enabling wireless 5G and LTE connectivity for a new generation of connected users.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Many IoT business cases rely on thin margins and large volumes. Eliminating or minimizing human presence is therefore an essential requirement so devices to enable remote monitoring and control are a priority. We have been designing the systems, devices and software that enable efficient remote management and can help accelerate your development and manufacturing. Our COB capabilities can be applied across all types of IoT devices and our experience helps speed up device development.

Asset Tracking

IoT as-a-service propositions often rely on knowing the location of a device. Ride-sharing or heavy plant use isn’t possible without knowing where the asset is so incorporating asset tracking capability into servitized IoT devices is a vital need. Ikotek has extensive experience of embedded asset tracking capability into IoT devices at the design stage and can make your deployment easy.

Dash Cameras

Insurers and drivers alike increasingly depend on dash cam footage to show lack of fault and prove driving standards are adhered to. Ikotek has designed and manufactured many of these devices from cost-effective consumer devices to high-end products for fleet management applications. Our fleet management and automotive capabilities are further strengthened by our deep knowledge of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips.


Mobile personal emergency response systems (mPERS) are relied upon to keep people safe either for elderly people or for lone workers or those in hazardous areas. These push-button devices, backed by a call center service, enable wearers to request urgent attention. We have successfully handled several ODM projects to make these devices real and benefit their users.

Aftermarket Telematics

The lifespan of vehicles means that telematics is often added as a retrofitted option as new capabilities become popular long after vehicles have left the factory. Creating attractive aftermarket devices that integrate smoothly into existing vehicle systems and hardware is complicated and demands experience of in-vehicle technologies. Ikotek has engaged in aftermarket telematics projects to bring new technologies to the existing fleet.

Edge Computing and AI

The realization that intelligence at the edge can decrease latency and save costs on connectivity has seen some IoT devices contain more edge computing capability to help power AI and other applications. Ikotek has in-depth experience of how best to design-in edge capabilities and to make devices able to handle the sophisticated demands of AI.


The objective of the robotics field is to create intelligent machines that can assist humans in a variety of ways.
Robots are becoming widely used in all industries, but also serving final users. We are experienced in this growing segment, addressing the opportunities with different ODM solutions realized by now.


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